In Media Res

It’s ok, we get that a lot.

What is your hourly rate?

Zilch. Nada. Zero. Zip. We use project pricing exclusively so that you don’t have to worry about watching the clock, or finding out your time’s up but your website isn’t done. We use a lot, and like that model: Pay the price, get the product. Fair and square.

Why isn’t your website filled with fancy graphics and cool animations?

Because we don’t want clients focused on design flair, we want clients focused on results. Don’t get us wrong, good design is important; it shows you care and can inspire trust in your website’s visitors, but it is just part of a much larger whole. In our design process, we focus on data — not personal tastes or trends. For instance, if the data shows a red button performs better than a green one, we go with red even if green is your favorite color.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

If your website looks great, but there are no results, it’s not well designed.

What does In Media Res mean?

It’s a play on the old Latin phrase in medias res i.e. “in the middle of things” which is used to describe a story that begins in the middle of the action. Action movies that literally start with a bang and drop you mid-story use this technique. For us, it represents many things including our excitement at jumping into the middle of things with business of all sorts, and reminds us of timeless stories and truth.

Will you just make a website? We don’t need strategy.

No. All our projects start with a strategy report because we don’t want to be involved in pointless projects that waste our clients’ time and money, or our own. For a project to have a positive impact on business, it needs to be well thought out and planned.

Is there a monthly charge? Or long-term commitment?

Not for digital marketing research, strategy, and planning reports. Those are one-time projects. We do offer ongoing services (continual site monitoring and improvement, online ad management & targeting, training, consulting), but just like the one-time options, they’ll be a fixed price with no hourly billing headaches.